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Polidora Bed and Breakfast

The Secret Garden Lago Maggiore

Only 3 rooms.
Seven hectares of park that will leave you in awe and will take your breath away.

Located on the inside of Villa Intragnola Park is a Polidora farmhouse from the early 1900s which has now been completely renovated and used as a Bed & Breakfast.
The renovation of the complex was carried out with care and passion to preserve the ancient rural atmosphere, characterized by a large porch and some brick arches arranged in a cross. The rooms are located in the former barn and are accessible from the entrance. On the ground floor a spacious living room, which was once the barn, is furnished with understated elegance and welcomes guests for breakfast or for a relaxing moment in front of the fireplace.

In summer you can eat breakfast in the open under the shade of a large pergola, and then go for a walk in the lovely setting one that is unlikely to be forgotten: the magnificent view of Borromean Islands with the Alps in the background.

Your Get To Stay In One Of The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of The World

The park of Villa Intragnola was started three generations ago due to the passion, care and love of Vincenzo Sarto for nature. Since then it has never stopped growing and evolving, improving itself.
Enriched each year by rarity from around the world, it features a collection of exotic conifers, a Taxodium grove on the private beach, a 60 meters long hornbeam , thousands of wonderful Rhododendrons and many specimens of conifers and broadleaf, the reason for interest for many Italian and foreign visitors.

At Polidora, Garden is the Star

A gentle character, defended by property speculation due to restriction imposed by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Milan since 1986. That's why Polidora has only three rooms. Spacious, comfortable and with Italian designer furniture, but only three rooms.

Polidora is a Bed & Breakfast?

Polidora is difficult to define: first of all it is an experience of life in contact with incredibly beautiful Nature. As you might have realized, in fact, Polidora offers something no Bed & Breakfast on Lake Maggiore can give you. And the right place for those who want to contemplate, meditate: it is even difficult to meet the other guests, upon a green expanse so great. Famous guests of this house were, in the 20s, Albert Coates, English composer and conductor, with friends George Bernard Shaw and Paul Troubetskoj. It is an ideal place for romantic breaks or simply relaxing.

Perfect for families, for children, for lovers of plants or gardens or simply for those who love to be spend time in good surroundings.

Everything Reminds You Of Luxury, Except Prices

Polidora is more of a place for the privileged: only three rooms cannot please everyone. It is not a business, but rather a well-kept secret between people who are able to appreciate beautiful things. Here you will be guests, not customers.
The prices at Polidora are, however, neither secret nor reserved.

A double room, for example, costs just between 130 to 150 EUR, depending on the time.
The large suite for four people, ranges from 260 to 300 Euro.

The price of a "normal" Bed & Breakfast.


Polidora Bed and Breakfast
Lake Maggiore

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Polidora Bed and Breakfast
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