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Polidora B&B

Polidora is a renovated farmhouse from the early 1900s, located inside Villa Intragnola gardens.

Polidora has only three spacious and comfortable rooms fitted with Italian design furniture. The small dimension of the accommodation adds a familiar and reserved character to the place.

The new complex preserves the original rural atmosphere. It is characterized by an interior with a large porch and some brick arches arranged in a cross; the rooms are located in the former barn; an elegant living room, ex-cow shed, for breakfast or relaxing moments in front of the fireplace, is accessible from the entrance.

Polidora Bed & Breakfast on Lake Maggiore is an unusual place where you can experience life in contact with beautiful Nature. It is a place to meditate far away from noise. Perfect for couples, families with children, garden lovers, and those who love to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. It can be an ideal place for romantic breaks.

In the 20s of XX century the villa hosted the famous English composer and conductor Albert Coates, and his friends George Bernard Shaw, the writer, and Paul Troubetskoj, the sculptor.

Transform your trip into an unforgettable experience!



Wake up in a botanical garden

Genuine beauty characterizes our garden. Explore it, observe the rare plants brought from overseas, take a romantic walk inside the hornbeam, stop on the Taxodium beach and enjoy the breathtaking view.


Have a rich breakfast

Take a seat in the dining room or pergola and taste slowly our delicious breakfast, admiring the green of the plants and the blue of the sky.

Dive into the lake

Are you adventurous and enjoy water sports? Take a dip in the lake from the private beach, enjoy the freshness of the water and the beautiful view while swimming.

Capture your emotions

Immerse inyo the green of nature. Surrounded by rare plants in the background of the lake and spectacular sunsets create your own unique pictures, which will remind you forever of the pleasant moments of your holiday.

Enjoy unique sunsets

Enjoy your evening watching the sunset in an idyllic place like ours. Reflections of the golden sky in the water will give you precious moments of peace and contemplation.


Have a rest in comfortable rooms

Elegant and simple style of our rooms, soft light and comfortable beds will make your rest pleasant and your dreams sweet in harmony with nature.

Visit places of Art

Combine your passion for art and nature, discover many museums, villas and castles, gardens, medieval and Renaissance churches in our area, which has always been and continues to be a source of inspiration for many artists.

Musical events

Music combined with the beauty of nature creates an authentic feast for the senses. To make your stay really unforgettable visit the musical events in surroundings which offer a vast repertoire from classical music to jazz, performed by famous musicians and young talents.

Local shops

It is not to be missed in our list an easy stroll through the boutiques of Stresa, Intra and Pallanza for chic shop lovers, without any need to give up breathtaking views. Those who are looking for typical products will find cheeses of great value such as Ossolano d'Alpe, Bettelmatt and Toma del Mottarone, will taste a typical dish the Gnoch de la chigia, the famous honey of Laveno and the sweet Crescenzin, Fugascine and Margheritine di Stresa.



Lie down on the grass, listen to the sweet whisper of wind and the soft tapping of lake, look at the Alps relief and blue sky on background, close your eyes and let yourself be carried where the haste is banned and the beauty conducts a divine orchestra of nature.