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Fantastic delicacies and where to find them:
a careful selection of places we love

Trattoria Calianna

Was opened in Laveno Mombello in 1983 on the ashes of an old Lavenese inn. The cuisine is rigorously homemade and based on seasonal products chosen with care directly by the owner and cook Brigida.

Love for a healthy and traditional cuisine and continuous search for typical Italian flavors are constant elements of their way of working. Here you will find a comfortable and familiar environment where you can enjoy dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine characterized by a strong southern imprint given the origins of the cook, but there are also typical dishes of the area such as perch risotto or polenta. Reservation is welcomed.

La Casera

"The bottega with the tables", that's how Eros presents the tasting space within his company. Because "La Casera", from March 16, 2012 is also an opportunity to taste the best products directly in the shop. In the premises of "La Casera" you can find, buy, taste the great selection of products typically related to these areas. The proposal is also enriched by the very accurate selection of wines that, starting from the Piedmontese tradition, ranges to the most valuable national and foreign productions with particular attention to small productions. There is no lack of fresh and tasty local bread and desserts from the best recipes of the Piedmontese pastry tradition.

Bistrot Laguna Blu

  • Via Max Hotz (lungolago), 21038 Reno di Leggiuno (Va)

  • +39-0332-647545

A lakeside restaurant, very close to Polidora, with a beautiful view.

We love the pizzas and the perch fish, but you can have everything from seafood, meat, pastas or risottos.

Wine corner & shop

A wide selection of products: fine wines, meditation wines, Italian bubbles and champagne, selected Italian grappa and rum, beers from all over the world.

The wine shop offers excellent wines with an excellent quality/price ratio, their wines are the result of continuous research for wine producers on the Italian territory. You will also find gastronomic and confectionery products to match their wines.


  • Via Cesare Battisti 1, 21014 Laveno Mombello

  • +39-346-3927960

Family operated take away, offers local cuisine home made, delicious polenta and risottos. Can also serve it on the premises.

Osteria di Piazza Litta

  • Piazza Litta 4, 21100, Varese

  • +39-0332-289167

Osteria in Varese, in front of Villa Panza (FAI).

Wonderful cuisine, in a cozy, comfortable hall.

Only five tables, so booking in advance is absolutely necessary.

Highly recommended visiting, both the Osteria & Villa Panza!

Bottazzi Wine Shop

A historic wine shop with more than 60 years of experience offers its visitors the opportunity to travel between the wine regions of Italy and beyond, following an imaginary itinerary on the roads of the vines, among the best products of the market.

It is a pleasure to choose among the most precious wines and distillates, to know the secrets of the production of the nectar of the gods, to feel the wonderful perfumes if you happen to be in the harvest season: after all you will be welcomed and accompanied by the highly qualified assistance of the Bottazzi family, for generations lovers of the art of good drinking.

Osteria in Besozzo

  • Via Montello 2, 21023 Besozzo

  • +39-0332-773402

The Osteria in Besozzo is here to continue the ancient tradition of the Osteria in Piazza, which has always been present in the town of Besozzo.
In a warm and elegant environment, you will be enveloped in a pleasant mix of flavors and special sensations.
Professionalism and experience will be at your service to create special and exclusive flavors.

Osteria della Purtascia

  • Str. Stazione, 4, 21034 Cocquio-Trevisago VA

  • +39-0332-700264

A little more far away, but deserves the trip.

Rustic but elegant atmosphere, here you can taste dishes of the Lombardian tradition.

Don't forget to ask for the Tartufo di Acqualagna (black truffle) because it is really something special.

Ristorante Milano

In an old house overlooking the lake for three generations is offered a Piedmontese cuisine thanks to which you can rediscover the ancient and genuine flavors of the area. Fish specialities (strictly from Lake Maggiore) but not only.